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You Have a Website, How to Get People to Go There?

Advertisers must try to reach customers across an ever more complex mix of platforms. Audiences that could have been reached by using traditional advertising may now be using new information sources. Now it is up to us to discover these channels, and reach customers where audiences now are naturally drawn.

Blogging - Interest Based Leads – If you write interesting and useful content, people may be interested in your content enough to check out your other materials and click on your site link.

Pay Per Click - Keyword Based Leads – These are advertising programs that you purchase. It works pretty much like it sounds. You will pay each time someone clicks on your ad. The price is determined ahead of time and you can set a budget starting at $5 per day. You research keywords and select the ones that you bet will attract people. Unfortunately there is now some speculation that these may not be as effective as they first appeared to be.
From this article at,
fraud, we learn that: “Half or more of the paid online display advertisements that ad networks, media buyers and ad agencies have knowingly been selling to clients over the years have never appeared in front of live human beings.”
Google is trying to get ahead of this and has put out some tips
for maximizing view-ability at:

Facebook Ads - Location and Social Circle Based Leads – With Facebook you can hope to attract people from your area, friends or fans of certain people or entities, or people who have “liked” certain pages. You can make assumptions based on age and interests. You make content posts and boost posts to specific locations and topics by spending a set amount per day.

Display Advertising - Crafted Leads – These are also called Banner Ads. They are like display advertising spots in a newspaper. Less than 0.1 percent of all display ads get clicked. This is better than the .051 percent for social media clicks that take people offsite. Click through rates however are not a true measure of their potency. A good ad on the internet functions just like a soupedup ad in a newspaper or on TV. Firstly it informs the consumer, and secondly they are then free to seek additional information at any time. And in the case of the internet ad, you can provide immediate gratification if they choose to click through.



How To Do Better – Many internet ads are poorly designed and implemented. Their click through rates can be improved. Many of our clients see rates two to three times higher than the national averages. The challenge is to design an ad that will attract the eye and place it where it will count. And here we recommend that you think differently from traditional print and TV advertising.

So what does get looked at? Designing for an ad on the internet should probably use these proven techniques to maximize eyeballs finding your content:

Use simple text, and if possible mimic the content of the site you are placing the ad on; Use faces, people are naturally drawn to faces; And shockingly, cleavage and other “private” body parts. I would suggest only using this if it applies to your product.

Because designing your ad to “fit in” with its surroundings will get you more eyeballs, it makes sense to buy specific advertising slots where you can anticipate, to some extent, the surrounding content, and then adjust your content to relate to it. This will help you to speak to specific populations in a controlled way. Also make sure you answer the following questions: What? Why? And What’s in it for the viewer.

At our site has drawn up to seven million pairs of local, non-bot eyeballs per year. With advertising spaces ranging from a variety of categorized local news genres to local forums and events, you can be sure you are reaching your audience in a targeted fashion.

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