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After you make a website you have to have the site stored on a computer server that is set up to allow visitors to view the stored files for the site. A website has to live somewhere, and hosting is renting space on a server in a data center and sharing bandwidth to keep your files available and open for business 24 hours a day.

These data centers are filled with high-powered web servers connected to the internet via a very fast fiber network. And the rent covers maintaining these computers, the software, security, bandwidth, speed and support. If you have a website hosted with the same company you bought your domain from, they could be located in any number of countries. They may be in the U.S. But they also could be in Canada, the U.K., or Russia. Search engines now pay attention to the location of where your website is being hosted as a factor in determining local relevance. This is an attempt to provide information to its user with the highest chance of being pertinent to them. A great price on furniture in Alaska is going to lose its appeal when you find out the shipping costs.

A local hosting company can also give your visitors a faster response time, helping your site display faster. This can also boost your ranking with search engines.

Host your website and e-mail with, Inc. and you get more than a service provider, you get a trusted partner for your business or organization. And because you are able to meet with us face-to-face, or handle your concerns with a simple email or phone call, you can develop a one-on-one relationship that is not possible if you choose to store your site with a warehouse-type hosting company. You will also get 15 minutes of website updates at no charge each month ($20 value) to ensure your site stays fresh. And we’re here every day to help with all your email and technology questions.

We operate our own fiber-optic, climate controlled, generator backed-up data center beneath downtown Seneca Falls. We offer multiple solutions for your web footprint, e-mail management and can scale your service to meet your current & future digital storage needs.

With hosting, you get personalized service, always available when you need to call and speak with someone you trust. Customer service, like the kind you’ll get from, can save you money and headaches in the long run.

Our courteous, experienced staff is always an e-mail or local
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