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Shareable Content Marketing

If you have a professional online presence of any type, from a social media account to your own website, you have probably already faced the problem of providing meaningful content to your viewers. Your online content has to function much more broadly than a fancy electronic business card.

After you have told your audience what, when, where, and who, you need to create a why. Why should they care? And why should they share? Today’s audiences are very spoiled and expect to find useful information and more with each click of the mouse. And they expect it to be new and exciting every time they visit. Most business owners feel they are already busy enough with all the different hats they need to wear, and now they have a new one, content creator. But it is essential if you want to establish expertise and foster trusting relationships online.

The ROI of content marketing has risen 300% over the previous three years, and is 31% cheaper than paid search advertising, so it may well be worth the time necessary, to put in place some content generating strategies. Creating great content can give you an edge in generating interest, building loyalty, and forging community ties. Here are some of the latest content marketing trends and how people make use of them.

65% use blogs to engage the audience, and build relationships.

Offer your special insights, and knowledge that other people can put to use. This helps them, and shows off your professional expertise. Listen to what your customers are asking you about, this is probably your next blog post. Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more indexed links than those that don’t blog. Make sure you have share buttons to social media sites, so that other people can help you get the word out.

76% of marketers use social media.

Integrate your website content with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin content, this will help your SEO rankings. Social media has become an important component in boosting SEO performance. Your chances for gaining website traffic grow each time your content is liked, tweeted, +1’d, or shared. This is the place to react fast and keep it up to date. Make sure you are putting out new content on a regular basis or risk losing their interest.

52% use video.

Offering video content or something more than they expected to find on your website will encourage repeat visitors, and cement your business as an authority or just a fun place to go. You may even get bookmarked. Other shareable content that is hot right now includes lists, images, info graphics, and debatable issues. If you can’t think of anything to say about your own company, think about supporting a local cause or charity and being a sponsor of events designed to reach out. Then blog, tweet and post about that. Goodwill social capital is priceless and places your company in a good light.

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