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Take Care When Planning For Website Development

Does your website tell the world the real story ? it’s a lot like riding a bicycle... once you know how , you never forget. Actually, its nothing at all like riding a bicycle. The reality is once you know how, the technology has already changed five times or more, and it can be baffling if you’re not careful.So how are you going to get the website you’ve always wanted?

Perhaps you have a friend or relative who is willing to help you out for really cheap. While this seems great, what will you do when your acquaintance moves away, or takes another full-time job, or stops learning about the latest web development standards and technologies. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t get your own website updated.

Perhaps you found an online suite of services and you can print your own business cards and get a website for no extra charge. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. It may be cheap, but in the end you are stuck with a template based website that does nothing to make your business stand out or encourage new business. And when you have a question or seek advice, you’ll get a different person on the phone every time you call whose sole intent is to up-sell you on another one of their products.

You’ve grown your business from the ground up, investing blood, sweat, tears, and every other resource. You have a great business. Your website needs to represent that and convey the quality of your business to your online visitors!


Consumers expect your website to be great, it’s 2013! No longer can a business get away with an unprofessional, outdated website. The larger part of our web design business comes from correcting sites that have gone horribly wrong. We’ve seen a lot in almost 15 years of service in this industry. In hopes of preventing your dream website from becoming a nightmare, we present these following tips that are key to any successful web presence.

1. Domain name registration - Do this correctly! You need to register the domain, as well as manage the future renewals. Domain name management is a service we provide as a reputable company. Do NOT trust ‘a friend’ to take care of it for you.

2. A good website is never done - It evolves. On average it takes about 3 months to launch a new website, but minor revisions and improvements will be required on a regular basis into the future.

3. Be your own publisher - In the digital age everything can be “newsworthy” for the small business. Be able to write a press release or bio. Writing an article or blog will help establish you as the expert and give you credibility. This is also a great way to add fresh content to your website while marketing your business in other offline mediums on the cheap.

4. Build it on a solid foundation - A quality design not only looks nice, but is built to be search engine friendly. Search engines are built with complex, ever evolvingalgorithms that will index your site based on how well it can access the content on your site among many other factors.

5. Keep it current - No one wants to do business with someone whose homepage boasts a sale all weekend for Valentine’s Day when they are looking for a Mother’s Day gift in late April. Plan ahead, and create a space to post the most up to date news and information.

6. Have a plan - Anticipate what you believe your customers will expect from your website and go from there. Will they expect to be able to order your product or service on the website? Will they expect to find daily specials on your restaurant website?

7. Who are your customers? - It is also important that you identify who your target customers are and how they will connect with you. Will most of your potential or existing customers visit your site from their office computer? Maybe they are on a tablet on their couch at home. Perhaps they are on a smartphone in their car?

8. Take a close look at yourself - Be prepared to develop written content that will fill your site pages and be ready to secure photos and address your company logo. In many cases, preparing to develop a website forces a business to look at themselves in a way they rarely do. Writing copy describing your business is a difficult task.Be ready to become engaged in the process.

Proceed with caution, create a plan, and set aside time to work on producing content for your site prior to launch and going forward once your site is live. In the end, you should be extremely proud of your website. Take care and you can get there., Inc., Inc.
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