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What You Should Know Before You
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There are lots of choices for people who would like to make a website, but aren’t web developers or designers. Companies now are working on making it possible for people to create their own websites, with their software, online. They have tried to make it cheap and easy for people to manage their own sites.

At Finger Lakes 1, we have seen our share of customers who come to us after choosing the wrong do-it-yourself solution and are ready to give up and hand the whole thing back over to the experts. And we have also helped many find solutions that give them the right level of content management control with either a customized WordPress solution, or our Finger Lakes Breeze content editing software for traditional websites. We also can build you a completely customized system from scratch.

Here is the short list of what to watch out for before you invest hours and hours of your time and energy building a site by yourself.

Cost Issues
Do the prices rise after your first payment term is over? Are the domain name and e-mail included? How much is your time worth?

Technical Issues
Can you get behind the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor and customize the site if you need to? What kind of support is there in place if you need help with a technical question, or just a newbie question? What comes up when you Google “Troubleshooting Squarespace” “Troubleshooting Weebly,” etc.?

Design Issues
The theme may be pretty, but can you apply it to your particular needs? Will you outgrow the narrow confines of a restrictive template? You know what you want your logo to look like – can this program get your idea up on the web page?

Control Issues
Once you have a site set up, how easy is it to change things around if you need to, or will you have to start all over again? Some sites ask you to agree in the terms of agreement that they can ultimately control content on your site and can use it to promote themselves if they choose. Is this acceptable to you? Do you want other people’s ads on your homepage?

Business Issues
Will the company expect part of the profits if you want to put ads on your site? Can you do custom optimization for Search Engines to help customers find you? Can you host your site locally or do you have to use their servers and do a domain redirection? All of these issues can cost you time, money and aggravation, if not thoughtfully considered before you jump into a one-sizefits- all website.

If you need help finding a customized solution that is “just right,” please call today at 315-712-0104, or check out some of the many customers we have helped find their niche on the web at http://services.

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