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What's in a Name

The new extensions are rolling out
When you picked out your domain name were all the good ones taken? If you got stuck with a long, descriptive but accurate domain name because the short punchy ones were already taken, your chance to get something better may be here.

.com is so last century! Here are some of the new extensions that are currently live: .club, .company, .website, .guru, .rocks, .photography, .life, .property, .today, .business, .network, .services, .solutions, .email, .expert, and .world. There are currently 244 shiny new extensions to choose from. There will be over 700 when they are done.

More will be made available periodically, and you can pre-register for some of these now. We at FingerLakes1. com can set up a watch for any name you would like, follow the name for you, and when they become available try to acquire them. The best ones will go fast!

Some tips on creating a great domain name

Keep it brief
Having a nice short memorable URL is a smart marketing move all around. If your URL is hard to remember or type it can be a barrier to connecting with your customers/audience. Poor typists abound! Not all users have autofill on their browsers, and mobile users can’t easily copy/paste. Also you will be using this on a daily basis – make it easy on yourself.

Make sure it can’t be read as something else. If you are stringing words together without separations, make sure you don’t end up with other words that are unintended. Example: (Childrens Wear). There are lists of even worse ones. For a laugh, just google “Bad Domain Names”.

Think creatively
You may want to tell people what you do instead of who you are. Example: could also be Making it a local reference also gives you a better shot at being able to get a good one. Good domains could also be based off your marketing slogan, as in:



Why stop at one?

Even if you love your current domain name you may want to add some new more descriptive ones to your collection and point them at your existing website. Why would you have more than one domain name? It opens up more possible paths for customers to find you on the web. You also may want to purchase names that could be of value to you in the future, in case your business expands into new avenues.

Having domain names for each of your products is an option. If you have more than one, people can just type in your product’s name and find you.

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