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Who is your website built for? Take our Quiz.

1. Our site’s design looks the way it does because...

(A) It was the cool look for websites (enter year it was built).
(B) So-and-so’s wife likes that color, and a kid we know does art stuff so we asked him to make our logo for us.
(C) We know who our target market is and are actively trying to make them comfortable in the site’s environment.

2. Our site’s content will tell the visitor...

(A) Where our store is and our phone number.
(B) The entire history of our business with pictures from three generations back.
(C) We are credible sources of information and we know how help the visitor with something.

3. Our site’s technology uses...

(A) Flash and we are not offering high-end games or video.
(B) A splash page with audio file playing in the background on page load.
(C) Mobile-friendly or responsive viewing options.

4. When people try to navigate around the site...

(A) They have to turn their head sideways to read the links.
(B) They have to lookup terms (or acronyms) to find their meaning.
(C) They know if the site is for them after visiting the homepage and can find what they are looking for within 3 clicks.

5. When people read our content pages they are frustrated because...

(A) They are distracted by the dead links to other site’s that no longer exist. (B) The slider with the pictures takes so long to load.
(C) They wish there was even more informative content dealing with the subject they are interested in.

6. When people ask us questions after visiting our site...

(A) They are trying to find the link to the email.
(B) They want to know what kinds of things we offer.
(C) They want more about how we can help them personally.


RESULTS: Which answers best described your website. Mostly Answered (A): Your website was built for people from days gone by. Mostly Answered (B): Your website was built for yourself. Mostly Answered (C): Your website was built to help and engage the viewer. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Even good websites need regular infusions of new content to remain relevant.


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By: Janice Loudon

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