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The Whys and Wherefores of WordPress

You may be asking yourself: “What is WordPress?” Then again you may not. But you probably come into contact with WordPress websites every day. They now make up approximately 25% of all websites and 60% of content management run websites on the internet. As a matter of fact is currently working on a huge redevelopment of our own site on the WordPress platform.

“This is important why?” you may now be asking? Well this means that a new revolution is afoot in the website management world. These sites are easily updated by the the owners themselves, making them less dependent on web developers for minor changes and updates. When sites are updated frequently they are more successful with search engines, because search engines love up-to-date content. Dated content equals bad to Google Search and the like. With a short training session a person can even be up and running your their own online store. Here is a rundown of the major pluses you could experience when you get your very own WordPress site.

Just Look at All the Pretty Colors!

There are loads of templates for all kinds of specialized purposes. And if we don’t find one that exactly matches your needs they can be easily customized by us to match the online experience you are looking for.

Drop In, Plugin and Turn On

Plugins are mini programs that work to add different functionalities to your site. Until now these would have required a lot of specialized coding and programming. This can save you a lot of money or possibly puts complicated features in your price range that before were out of the question for most small sites.

The Complicated is at a Your Command

WordPress has all the basic SEO built right in and if you want to add special keywords or tags on your content no problem there’s a plugin for that. It also allows trackbacks and pingbacks - all very good for your site’s searchability.

You Can Reach Out and touch Someone... on a mobile device!

Many of the newer templates come with responsive JQuery and CSS built right in. Or with a small upgrade we can make turn any non-responsive template into a basic low bandwidth responsive template for phones and tablets. More complicated mobile experiences are also easier than before for us to program.



WordPress is Open Source and On a Roll

This may sound like it should be on a menu for lunch somewhere, but what this actually means for you is things will only keep getting easier. Because they allow anybody to access the code and write the components that make WordPress tick, people are constantly updating and adding to the library of plugins and templates. And the great thing is we can too. When we can’t find something to do a particular job we can create the pieces necessary ourselves.



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