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E-mail Setup Instructions

And enter you username (email account) and password.

If you do not know your username and password, please call the office at 315-712-0104 to gain access to your webmail.

After you have entered the username and password you will arrive at a screen like the one below. You are now in your email account on the email server. You can view your email from any computer at this website address.

Click this image to view more information about getting around in your account online:

To set up your email on a phone or an email program that is on a computer, you will click on the configure email button in the center of the row of buttons on the bottom of this page. Then you will arrive at this page:

Click on the graphic below for more information about the settings:

We recommend the settings in the grey box.

Using the instructions for your particular device, with these settings in the grey box you can have your email go to another phone or computer email program.

Here are a few common programs and links to their instructions:

Android Phones/Tablets
Blackberry Phones
Apple Phones/Tablets
Outlook Express
Free Download for ThunderbirdSet-up Mozilla Thunderbird
Windows Live Mail

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